I am an artist and art therapist (RCAT, DVATI) who grew up in Toronto, went to school in Peterborough and Vancouver, and has been living and working in Golden, B.C., since 2005. My recent art centres on my interest in playfulness and integrating different media. Right now I am particularly in love with my sewing machine, big brushes, Japanese paper, and fluid and high flow acrylic paints.

These images represent my musings over the state of the world, and are both reflection and reaction to what I see around me. 

‘Watch birth and death:

The lotus has already

Opened its flower’

– and so it is.  But in that pause between the first and last lines we have a chance, and perhaps even a responsibility, to respond.  I choose to respond creatively.

Thanks to my loving family - Pete and Oslo, pictured here - for everything including putting up with the paint splatters, Mary Jane and Ferne for endless creative support, Rob and Stavros for the site edit and sound advice, Jonah (and Alex) for the hard work and visioning of this website, and the 'phews because I love you more.  Everything is possible because of all of you. 

Another special thank you to my creative co-conspirators - Heather, Kerri, Claire, Jane, and Janis.  We have a pretty good thing going on up here in these hills.